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Photography Workshop Haarlem

We often manage to photograph during the day in sufficient light, but as soon as it is dark, it becomes a lot more difficult. What settings do you need to achieve the desired end result?
How to avoid blurry and out-of-focus photos? How do we focus and how do we get the right exposure?
During this workshop we will work together to find solutions and cover these topics and more.
In addition, I want to show you Haarlem from a different perspective.
I will take you to the hidden gems of the city!


Fotografie workshop Haarlem


We will gather just before sunset in Haarlem at the Hooimarkt. 

From there we will start with a little bit of theory and a short introduction. 

Then we will walk to our first location and start taking pictures right away. 

The total duration of the workshop is 3 hours

Photo locations:

Mill Adriaan + new houses Spaarne 

Corner Teylersmuseum 

Valkenstraat / Bakenesserkerk

St. Bavo Church 


Spaarnwoudsestraat / Amsterdamse Poort

Beginners with some basic knowledge (Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO)



Number of participants

6 to a maximum of 10.  

You can participate in this workshop with the most minimal equipment. That is the beauty of this form of photography.

The minimum you need is:


  • SLR or system camera, but also with a Smartphone

  • Wide-angle lens (anything between 14 and 50 mm is sufficient) 

  • Tripod

Fotografie workshop Haarlem

After the of the workshop, we will briefly revisit the successful photo workshop and you can ask questions.


The costs of this workshop are € 65 incl. VAT For this I welcome you and you will receive personal guidance in a small group (6 to max. 10 participants).

There will be plenty of personal attention and after the workshop you can ask questions via email or social media. So if you forgot something during the workshop, you can still get answers to your questions this way.

Book the workshop

€65.00 incl. BTW

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